Considering A Leadership Coach?


The team at TegaTech came across this great ten point check provided by Sydney based Crystallized Consulting to assist in selecting an executive coach. We thought, with then consent of Crystallised Consulting, it was well worth sharing with our readers:

  1. Check what evidence-based coaching qualifications the coach has. Understand if the qualifications are grounded in the scientific evidence base or upon work and life experience. Why does it matter? Whilst a coach who does not hold post graduate qualifications in coaching psychology, clinical psychology or organisational psychology may be effective in some circumstances, there’s risk involved in engaging them to coach people in influential leadership roles in many circumstances. Risk is reduced dramatically when a coach whose practice is underpinned by a deep understanding and knowledge gain through post graduate qualifications in the psychological and behavioural sciences.
  2. Ensure the coach can articulate their evidenced based approach in an easily understood manner. Why? It’s not helpful for the client if the coach has an incapacity to translate their technical knowledge into words, phrases and similes that the client understands without explanation. We meet our clients where they are at in their developmental journey, not where we want them to be.
  3. Understand if your proposed coach receives one-to-one, peer or group supervision. Hours invested in coaching doesn’t correlate alone with coaching effectiveness. However, the power of coaching is enhanced significantly if coaching hours are coupled with a reflective practice. Reflective practice enables the coach to assess where they are at, how they are landing, what impact they are having and grow for the benefit of their clients.
  4. Check where the coach considers that they hold a particular expertise and track record of success, e.g. developmental, skills, performance, transition and or level of management.
  5. It’s important that the coach demonstrates commercial acumen in their dealings with you. Furthermore, do they hold the necessary insurance cover, e.g. public liability, professional indemnity and workers compensation.
  6. How well does the coach demonstrate an understanding of the organisational context? This does not necessarily imply that they need to have previously been an employee of an organisation in the sector your organisation operates. Context can often be easily and readily understood.
  7. Understand what instruments the coach is accredited in. Leadership assessments, using valid and reliable instruments, hold the potential to accelerate the coaching relationship, coaching outcomes and ROI.
  8. Confirm what memberships to professional bodies the coach currently holds and if what code of ethics they abide by.
  9. Check what business experience the coach possesses and make sure you’re comfortable with the previous business roles they have performed in the context of the coachee. Diversity in work history and experience may indeed be a strong catalyst for growth from the coaching relationship.
  10. Finally, it’s important that there’s chemistry between coach and coachee – that there’s the foundation for a productive coaching relationship.

About Crystallize Consulting

Crystallize Consulting are recognised as a leading Australian executive & leadership coaching firm.

They bring a unique and outstanding combination of academic qualifications, significant working experience as leaders in public and private sector organisations, success in senior leadership roles and extensive life experience to support individuals and organisations to optimise leadership performance.

Their coaching approach is based on validated scientific theory and practice along with post graduate evidence based coaching qualifications across their team. This provides robustness to their consultancy and coaching programs which allows the measurement of ROI in all interventions throughout the coaching process.

The Crystallize Consulting approach is also bespoke for each client consulting engagement, as they know one size does not fit all. They systematically and methodically assess the unique characteristics of the system within which the client operates and develop customised solutions that meet the client exactly where they are at and take them to where they want to be.

To learn more about Sydney based Crystallised Consulting and how they can help you with your executive coaching requirements or culture surveys visit their website here: or call +61 02 9238 8033